LV CC Rental-Agency

Arrangement of holiday home and boat rentals

Rosa Winklbauer & Dr. iur. Anne-Marie Steckenbauer-Gschwandtner
Oberöd 98 1/2 - 84567 Perach - Deutschland
Tel.: +49 (0) 86 70 98 68 23


Steuer-ID.: 106 177 05406   |   Gewerbeerlaubniss gem. § 34c für Makler, Anlageberater, Bauträger, Baubetreuer

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This contract becomes valid and binding once you have received the booking confirmation. A non-refundable deposit in the amount of 30% of the entire rent is due and payable within 8 days after the booking has been confirmed.

Subject Matter and Contracting Parties

The company Steckenbauer-Gschwandtner Anne-Marie, Winklbauer Rosa GbR - LV CC Luxusvillen Cape Coral, hereinafter referred to as "LVCC", acts as an agent for the rental of holiday homes. Contractual relations are concluded between the tenant and the respective owner of the leased object. In particular, the company "LVCC" neither brokers nor even acts as a tour operator. The parties agree that the subject of the contract is the rental of a vacation rental optionally with boat (rental object) for a limited period of time (rental period) according to these terms and conditions.