LV CC Rental-Agency

Vacation rentals and boat rentals

Rosa Winklbauer & Dr. iur. Anne-Marie Steckenbauer-Gschwandtner
Oberöd 98 1/2 - 84567 Perach - Deutschland
Tel.: +49 (0) 86 70 98 68 23


Tax-ID.: 106 177 05406

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Please note:
Each additional person beyond the occupancy that is included in the base price, are billed with a minimum of 1 week. Additional persons staying for more than one week are billed on the actual amount of days.


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Regular payment options:
  • Check via mail
  • Bank transfer
  • Zelle®
  • Wire transfer
This contract becomes valid and binding once you have received the booking confirmation. A non-refundable deposit in the amount of 30% of the entire rent is due and payable within 8 days after the booking has been confirmed.
Attention: In case of changes to the booking (for example small date changes), the first change request is free, subsequent changes are charged with $50 per instance.
Full rebookings are not covered by this policy!