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Rent you personal paradise!

Are you able to afford yourself the best possible service? ... of course! Welcome to Luxury Villas Cape Coral LVCC!
We are able to offer you as the buyer the best possible real estate service.

With our long lasting experience in the real estate and construction business in Cape Coral and our access the network of professionals in the area we will help you to buy or build your very own dream villa.

What does the name LVCC stand for?

  • Exclusiveness and luxury
  • Expertise
  • Quality and reliability
  • many happy customers who can now be found in our portfolio

Together with our partners we can offer you security and comfort through:

  • state licensing
  • frictionless financing and purchase handling
  • perfect cost/value relationship
  • property assessment through independent and licensed experts
  • renting your villa with excellent utilization
  • professional organization of the financing, planning, interior design and management
  • up to and including the marketing of your property
all in all a one-stop service.

Why LVCC and our partners are the perfect choice for you?
Because we

  • offer you the best possible service
  • pick every offer by hand
  • taylor to your needs and expectations
  • will find the perfect match for you
  • work with absoulte attention to detail
  • have more than 10 years of experience in this market

For more than 20 years, our partners are successful in the real estate and construction industry.

Not only are they licensed realtors, and members of the "Association of Realtors", but also head of the "Cape Coral Association of Realtors" and member of the "Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce". They offer long-lasting experience in the construction, real estate, property management and rental business. Over the last several years they received the "Home of the year" award at the "Parade of Homes"

Get access to this network of experienced professionals by giving us a call. We are at your service!

You can reach us at +1 (239) 431 3855

If you know what you want the remainder is pure formality ...
... and pure pleasure!